Osorno (volcano)

Osorno Volcano on Lake Llanquihue

The Osorno is a 2,652 m high volcano in the south of Chile. It is situated in the Región de los Lagos (Region X), a few kilometers east of Lake Llanquihue. He is considered a small mountain Fuji Chile. The Osorno is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Chile.

At the foot of the volcano, there are impressive waterfalls and rapids, the Saltos de Petrohué. Up to 1300 meters you can drive on a new asphalt road to a mountain hut.

On the volcano, you can see other volcanoes, such as the Calbuco and Casablanca. Other mountains such as the Cerro Puntiagudo and Monte Tronador arising from the volcano Osorno an impressive view.

East of the volcano of Lake Todos los Santos with his island Isla Margarita.