Purple head barbel ( Barbus nigrofasciatus )

The Ostariophysi are a group of genuine bony fish ( Teleostei ). They have, as a symbol of the Weberian apparatus, one of a series of bones ( gr Ostaria ) on both sides of the spine existing connection between the inner ear (labyrinth ) and swim bladder (Gr. physis ). This serves to improve the hearing, the swim bladder acts as a sounding board. The bones are evolutionarily emerged from the first four vertebrae.

Another common feature is an alarm pheromone that is secreted in the case of violations of special cells of the epidermis and conspecifics of danger warns ( shock substance ).

Among the Ostariophysi belong with well over 6,000 species two-thirds of freshwater fish. Few Ostariophysi live in the sea (with normal salinity: some catfish).

The following orders are among the Ostariophysi:

  • Characiformes ( Characiformes )
  • Carps ( Cypriniformes )
  • Sand Fishy ( Gonorynchiformes )
  • Neuwelt knife fish ( Gymnotiformes )
  • Catfish ( Siluriformes )

Their phylogenetic relationships are shown in the following cladogram:

Sand Fishy ( Gonorynchiformes )

Carps ( Cypriniformes )

Neuwelt knife fish ( Gymnotiformes )

Catfish ( Siluriformes )

Characiformes ( Characiformes )