Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg

The East German Rundfunk Brandenburg (ORB ) was from its inception on October 12, 1991 to April 30, 2003 as the national broadcaster of Brandenburg an institution under public law established in Potsdam.

With effect from 1 May 2003 merged the ORB with the Sender Freies Berlin (SFB ) as the new Rundfunk Berlin -Brandenburg ( RBB). As now the RBB were also ORB and SFB members of the working group of the public broadcasters of the Federal Republic of Germany (ARD).

Studios of the ORB

The ORB entertained his broadcasting center in Potsdam. There is also the major studios were located. Other studios were located in Cottbus, Frankfurt ( Oder) and pearl mountain.


To establish an independent broadcasting organization in Brandenburg was established after the reunification of the two German states in 1990, a Public Broadcasting Directorate. On the program Potsdam, Cottbus and Frankfurt ( Oder), the radio program was broadcast antenna Brandenburg for Brandenburg first.

On 12 October 1991, the ORB was founded as a public institution and included in the ARD on 27 November 1991. When the German television broadcasting, and the former East Germany einstellten radio broadcasting on 31 December 1991, the ORB adopted on 1 January 1992 on the transmission mode. Originally, the ORB should be based on the previous ARD NDR, WDR and SDR only under the title " East German Broadcasting (ODR) " occur. This idea was rejected in the fall of 1991, because in addition to the ORB and the MDR, NDR were also responsible for the transmission area of the former German Television.

His seat had the transmitter on the grounds DEFA in Potsdam- Babelsberg. There, the television program was for a time in the barracks DEFA produced to a modern television center was rebuilt. The radio program Antenne Brandenburg of the GDR radio was taken over and operated. This was initially continued to be produced in the former district Studios Potsdam of the GDR broadcast in Puschkinallee. The other two programs Brandenburg Radio and Rock Radio B were prepared in the Berlin Radio House Nalepastraße the GDR radio. Later, other buildings have been renovated in Babelsberg and prepared and built a new radio home in order to create capacity for all programs.

In 1995 started the the Info Radio Berlin -Brandenburg ORB and SFB together with the Technical University of Berlin Internet radio streaming service Info radio on demand.

From its foundation until its merger with the SFB 2003 held Hansjürgen Rosenbauer the office of director.

The ORB programs


With the start of transmission of the ORB on 1 January 1992, the ORB had three radio programs. Antenne Brandenburg has already been started in May 1990 by the broadcast of the GDR. This has now continue to operate as a transmitter with regional information and a popular music mixing. The second radio program Radio Brandenburg was conceived as a cultural and information program for Brandenburg. A third radio program Rock Radio B was the youth program. It sent temporarily to the frequencies of the former GDR youth radio DT64, which was not switched off.

On February 22, 1992 started with Radio B Two first radio program in cooperation with SFB. The program was an information and service shaft for Berlin and Brandenburg, and was aimed at 25 - to 50 -year-old listeners. Another cooperation between ORB and SFB has been associated with the youth radio Fritz on the way, the ORB Youth Radio Rock Radio B replaced. Send launch of this station was the 1 March 1993.

After a short trial run started on 28 August 1995, a further cooperation between wave ORB and SFB, the Info Radio ( " radio info " ), a digital news and information channel, which broadcast around the clock.

The further expansion of cooperation between radio - ORB and SFB led on 26 August 1997 terminating of Radio Brandenburg (ORB ) and radio BZWEI (ORB / SFB ). As the successor station for both programs was Radio One, a day accompanying program for students aged 25 years, on the air.

In the cultural field, the ORB also a collaboration with the North German Radio (NDR ) was an addition to the SFB. From 3 October 1997 to 31 December 2002 Radio 3 was the common classical and cultural wave of ORB and NDR ( until 2000 was also the SFB involved).

Simultaneously with Radio 3 launched on October 3, 1997 as further cooperation shaft between ORB and SFB radio culture under the auspices of the SFB. This program is offered in addition to a broad political reporting Classical music, new music, jazz and world music.

By the time of the merger with SFB on 1 May 2003, the ORB thus following programs beamed from their own or in cooperation with other radio and television stations:

  • Antenne Brandenburg - country program with regional information from the studios in Potsdam, Cottbus, Frankfurt ( Oder) and pearl mountain
  • Radio One - Day Accompaniment for listeners aged 25 and over in cooperation with the SFB
  • Fritz - Youth Radio in cooperation with the SFB
  • Info Radio - News and Information shaft in cooperation with the SFB
  • Radio Culture - Culture shaft in cooperation with the SFB
  • Radio 3 - Classic and Culture shaft ( to 2000 in cooperation with the SFB and the NDR and then to 31 December 2002 in cooperation with the NDR, then continued alone ORB )


By the time of the merger with SFB on 1 May 2003, the ORB thus following programs beamed from their own or in cooperation with other radio and television stations:

  • First - Community program of ARD
  • ORB TV - regional television program for Brandenburg
  • Phoenix - common event channel ARD and ZDF
  • KiKA - children's channel ARD and ZDF
  • ARTE - French-German cultural channel
  • 3sat - Cultural channel ARD, ZDF, ORF, SRF and

Known ORB productions

The ORB produced for ARD among other crime films of the series Police 110 and the broadcast overhead projectors.

Received recognition for his documentation of the ORB for the Study of East German history, including the 1995 winner of the Adolf Grimme Prize series chronicle the turning.

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