Osterbach (Fulda)


The Osterbach in northern Hesse Kassel district is a 7.2 km long, left-sided or northern tributary of the Fulda.


The Osterbach rises in the southern part of the Reinhard Forest. Its source lies on the western edge of the Gahrenbergs or on the southeast flank of the Junker head. It is situated near the south-west on a 398.5 m above sea level. NHN located branch of the wide forest road Old coal road, which connects the located on the regional road parking 3232 Red floor in the west with the Gahrenberg in the east, hidden in the forest at about 390 m altitude.

Initially, the Easter creek flows along the trail Steiger path to the south. Emerged from the forest it passes through the westernmost Holzhausen, a ostsüdöstlichen district of Immenhausen, with a high from the source Born opens brook coming from the east. A little further south is a bridge of Holzhausen and Wilhelmshausen interconnecting country road 3239 across the creek.

Then the Easter stream runs along the branches off from the main road county road 40, at the between the north-west crown hill ( 252.6 m ) and the northeast located Steinkopf (250 m; natural reserve Termenei ) on a bridge in the of north-northwest from the direction of Holzhausen coming Krummbach opens as his longest tributary. Then, the stream flows in a southeasterly direction continue along the K 40 and from now also along fairy tale land and Eco Path cultural history kink Hagen- Wilhelmshausen to and through buckling Hagen, a north-eastern part of the municipality of Fulda valley. The village was in the Middle Ages on the eastern slope above the creek, the castle kink Hagen.

A little later the flows Osterbach at the lower mill located at a by Rothwesten Eichenberg (area of ​​the Fritz -Erler - barracks of the Armed Forces ) coming to Bach. Near this mill existed from 1594 to 1666 the ironworks Wilhelmshütte. After that, the river passes through the estuary near mirror mill, which was founded in 1594 as an iron foundry. The area of ​​the two water mills was the Seven Years War (1756-1763) one of the venues of the Battle of Lutter Mountain (23 July 1762), which after the nearby beyond the Fulda at Lutter Bergerhöhe village Lutterberg (now part of municipality of Staufenberg in Lower Saxony) was named.

Between the community Fuldataler parts delusion and Wilhelmshausen the Osterbach the accompanying K meets 40 about 1.2 km south-east of kink Hagen at 128.3 m height on the main road 3, which shares the route with the Sleeping Beauty - route the German Fairytale Route. After their passing under and that of Fulda Cycle Route the creek flows to around 125 m altitude in the western Weser- source Fulda River, the border of the district of Göttingen is located in the middle of the river in Lower Saxony. His located at the Fulda river kilometer 9.85 muzzle facing south and across the river the Speeler watchtower (also called waiting Tower ), built in the Middle Ages and was once used the trade - monitoring.


The headwaters of the Easter Bach is located on the Fulda- Diemel watershed that is part of the Diemel-Eder/Fulda/Weser-Wasserscheide: During the Easter stream southward into the Fulda and then flows into the Weser, runs the Lempe that about 2, 7 km north-northwest of Osterbach source beyond the Junker head springs, northwestward into the forge, which tends on the Diemel to the north of the river Weser.

Catchment and inflows

Among the tributaries of the Easter Bach, whose catchment area is 18.199 km ² belong with orographic mapping (l = left side, R = right side), river length, Mündungsort with Osterbach kilometers and - if known - catchment size ( downriver considered ):

  • Bach from Hohenborn ( l, 0,7 miles), east of Immenhausen -Holzhausen (near km 4 )
  • Krummbach (r; 5 km), above the Fulda valley bend Hagen (near km 1.7 ), 8.751 km ²
  • Bach from Eichenberg (r; 1.1 km ) south of Fulda valley bend Hagen (near 0.4 km )


Attractions near the Osterbach include:

  • Nature reserve Termenei, about 1.5 km north-northeast of Fulda valley bend Hagen at Steinkopf
  • Volkssternwarte Rothwesten in Rothwesten, about 3.5 km west of the mouth Osterbach
  • Eco path cultural history kink Hagen- Wilhelmshausen, trail, among other things by the stream underflow
  • Castle kink Hagen, Outbound castle in kink Hagen, from the ramparts and ditches are still preserved