Oszkár Asboth

Oszkar Asbóth ( born March 31, 1891 in Pankota, Hungary, † February 27, 1960 in Budapest) was a Hungarian engineer and aviation pioneer.

Asbóth studied in Arad, Subotica and Wiener Neustadt. In 1915 he joined the k.u.k. Flight Arsenal in fish Amend. From 1916 he headed the propeller manufacturing. 1917 Asbóth was within the UFAG director of the propellers GmbH, where he also created the first helicopter models, one of which was also applied for a patent.

In the years 1928-1931 Asbóth built with modest means four manned helicopter. With the models he conducted 182 test flights, which included a total of 29 hours of total flight time. These were the first helicopter Hungary. The fourth model, the AH 4 had a 130 hp engine as the drive for the rotor and the tail rotor. The helicopter had a weight of 410 kg. The rate of climb was 2 meters per second. He reached a height of over 30 meters.