Dérot -62 TOPAS is an armored personnel carrier from the late 1950s, which was developed jointly by Poland and Czechoslovakia ( CSSR ). OT -62 TOPAS stands for Obrněný vzor transporter 62 transporter Obrněný Pásový, in German: Armoured Personnel Carrier model 62 chain driven transport tanks.


In the late 1950s, Czechoslovakia, to produce the BTR -50 in License chose. For this purpose, the license rights of the BTR -50 were purchased. Beginning of the 1960s, production was recorded in 1963 and delivered the first copies to the Czechoslovak armed forces. At the same time, the Polish Army received the first tanks. At first glance, the OT -62 is not much different from the Soviet BTR- 50PK or the command vehicle BTR- 50PU model 2 Nevertheless exist between the BTR -50 variants and the OT -62, some important differences, such as higher speed of a fully armored bathtub OT -62 in water and on the road, as well. A characteristic difference from the Soviet model is the second bay window at the front of the vehicle.


The amphibious OT -62 was used by the Polish 7 coastal defense Division, was in the PT 76 already in use. In addition, the vehicle has been exported to other Warsaw Pact countries, such as Bulgaria. Furthermore, an export took place in Egypt, India, Iraq, Libya, Morocco and the Sudan.

In larger numbers of OT -62 took place in the Gulf Wars use.


The transport tank OT -62 TOPAS appeared in many different versions and variations. Almost every state, who procured this vehicle, it is modified according to its own application requirements. In the following the standard and most prevalent versions are shown below:

  • OT- 62A ( TOPAS )
  • OT- 62B ( TOPAS -2A )
  • OT- 62C ( TOPAS -2AP )
  • WPT - TOPAS: Bergepanzer