Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho

Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho Nuno Romão [ ɔtɛlu sɐɾajvɐ dəkɐɾvaʎu ] ( born August 31, 1936 Lourenço Marques, now Maputo, Mozambique ) is a Portuguese officer, considered a key strategist of the Carnation Revolution of 25 April 1974.

Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho had spent from 1961 many years in the colonial war in Africa and one of the conspirators of the Armed Forces Movement MFA, the coup on 25 April 1974 with Otelo is attributed to the role of the principal organizers of the coup. His performance in the bloodless liberation of the country from dictatorship was also recognized by political dissidents. In the following months he commanded the COPCON troops, which were to ensure order in the country and promote the revolutionary process.

During the year 1975, then more stringent power and factional fights in the Armed Forces Movement MFA. In this development, Otelo and COPCON represented the leftmost wing, which was turned off on 25 November 1975 in a military action under António Ramalho Eanes. In 1976, Otelo ran for president against Eanes and defeated.

Later Otelo was indicted for contact with or membership of the group FP -25, which had perpetrated attacks in Portugal in the following years. His role in this was controversial in the public as well as in the courts, by his friends, a political act of revenge was suspected. After imprisonment, he was ultimately pardoned and dejected a retrial because apparently still controversial evidence. Since then he has worked as a small business owner.


In 2011, when Portugal the world asked for international financial assistance, Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho has declared that he would not have made ​​the revolution of 1974, if he had known how the country would come out now. Next he said that ask him every day, people on the street " again one April 25, another military coup " to proclaim.