Otra below Skisland ( Røyknesfjord )

Otra in Kristiansand

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The Otra is a 245 km long river in the Sørlandet region in southern Norway. It flows through Setesdalen in north-south direction.


The Otra rises in the Setesdalsheiene ( municipality Bykle, Aust -Agder county), flows in a southerly direction and empties in Kristiansand in the Skagerrak. Here, it flows through two large lakes: Åraksfjord and Byglandsfjorden.

The Otra is the ninth longest river in Norway. In the middle of the river is 150 m³ / s The highest flow rate was measured in October 1987 with approximately 1000 m³ / s. The catchment area is 3740 km ².

Water quality and fish

It is operated salmon farming and traps.

The water quality has improved in recent years. By calcareous soil in the precipitation area in Setesdalen the acidification of water is compensated and the living conditions for salmon are very good.

Catches in recent years:

  • 2001: 7.2 tons
  • 2002: 5.3 tons
  • 2003: 7.4 tons
  • 2004: 5.8 tons
  • 2005: 9.9 tons
  • 2006: 10.7 tons
  • 2007: 5.9 tons