Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators ( IPA: [ ɒɾəwɒ sɛn.ə.tɚs ː ]; French Sénateurs d' Ottawa ) is a Canadian ice hockey franchise of the National Hockey League from Ottawa in the province of Ontario. It was founded on 16 December 1991 and took the start of the 1992/93 season on the game mode. Between 1893 and 1934 there was already an eponymous franchise that was located in the NHL and won the Stanley Cup ten times. The team colors are red, black, gold and white. The logo shows a Roman centurion, who shall have a seat in the Roman Senate, according to the team.

The Senators play their games in Canadian Tire Centre and are one of seven Canadian-based franchises. After a difficult start to the force as a gambling strongest hockey league in the world NHL, the team from the Canadian capital went through in the course of the 1990s, ups and downs, until it has established itself at the beginning of the new millennium among the best teams in the league. Despite a Finalist in the 2006/07 season the newly formed senator was winning the prestigious Stanley Cups so far denied.

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Upscale Hockey there was in Ottawa as early as the time from 1893 to 1934, when the original Ottawa Senators were able to celebrate their successes. A total of ten times they could win the Stanley Cup four times as a member of the NHL. With the onset of the world economic crisis began in 1929 difficult times for the Hockey Teams. The Senators had to be separated from their stars for financial reasons and found themselves in the lower regions of the table again. In addition, the revenues went through the onset of spectators fading back clear and you even had to suspend an entire season. In 1934 it was finally forced to relocate the franchise to St. Louis, Missouri, in order to get the team further. But after just one season in St. Louis, the franchise had to be resolved.

Hockey returns to Ottawa (1989 to 1995)

As early as 1989 began the business owner Bruce Firestone his purpose high-class hockey to Ottawa return. He was assisted in public by Frank Finnigan, the then last living member of the original Senators who could bring in 1928 the last time the Stanley Cup to Ottawa. On 16 December 1991 Firestone eventually won the contract to an NHL franchise. Finnigan died just nine days later at the age of 88 years. He locked in honor of the new Ottawa Senators, the number 8, which had Finnigan worn as an active player.

On 8 October 1992 the first season of the franchise began with a victory against the Montreal Canadiens. But the rest of the season turned out to be less positive. The team had no real star in their ranks and was mainly composed of players who manage to General Manager Mel Bridgman in the NHL Expansion Draft was selected in 1992 as Sylvain Turgeon or Jamie Baker. At the end of the season, the Senators occupied the last place with ten wins against 70 defeats.

To poor performance of the team nor financial problems were added. For the Senators a new arena to be built, as the Ottawa Civic Centre with 10,500 seats had only a small capacity. But team owner Firestone should bear all costs for both the new stadium as well as for transportation, without financial help from the government. Firestone left the franchise finally in August 1993, Rod Bryden, the new owner of the Senators. Bryden had after a year enough money to finance the 188 $ one million expensive multi -purpose arena. However, the choice of Bauortes encountered in the region Kanata criticism because he was outside the metropolitan area of Ottawa and the transport connection was spotty. In the following years, the Senators could motorway connections and build a bridge of their own money. The Arena operating then the development of the Kanata region into an economically strong, but also good human habitation significant progress.

The sporting success was further delayed, but after the first year in the NHL. After all, the team became the 1993/94 season by the highly assessed Alexei Yashin and Alexandre Daigle talents that have been committed in the NHL Entry Draft in 1992 and 1993, intensified. Yashin convinced immediately, but the Senators again occupied the last place in the league, they should be held in the following years.

The recovery is started ( 1996-2000 )

In January 1996, then the recovery should be initiated in the team. Firstly, Jacques Martin was hired as head coach, on the other hand drew the Senators in the palladium one, the new multi-purpose arena in the suburb of Kanata. Although the team played the entire season continues to be weak and was again recently, but with Daniel Alfredsson, they had committed in the NHL Entry Draft in 1994, the first player of the Ottawa Senators won the Calder Memorial Trophy as the NHL 's best Neuprofi. The highly rated talent Alexandre Daigle turned out, however, by only average performance more than disappointment and eventually had to leave the team in 1998.

In 1997, the Senators were able to solve for the first time from last place and reached the playoffs. But in the first round, they were beaten in seven games in a hard-fought series the Buffalo Sabres. In 1998, she could win against the New Jersey Devils for the first time a playoff series, but in the second round they had against the Washington Capitals no chance of reaching the Stanley Cup final later. Especially in goal, the team with Damian Rhodes and Ron Tugnutt had improved considerably and were an important support for the team.

In the following years, the Senators could always reach the playoffs. Marián Hossa came with the fall of 1998, another talented striker for the team and they finished at the end of the regular season behind the New Jersey Devils to second place in the Eastern Conference. But in the playoffs, they eliminated the same in the first round against the Buffalo Sabres to have won without a victory.

After the season, attention has been focused on a scandal off the ice. Team Captain Alexei Yashin did not want to meet with the senator 's current contract for another year and demanded that he be transferred to another team. The management did not follow his desire and Yashin decided to strike the entire 1999/2000 season to move in the summer of 2000 to another team. But the NHL finally decided that Yashin to play until 2001 for the Senators since he had committed by his strike breach of contract and thus his entire contract period had not graduated. Yashin had previously gambled in the years his popularity with the fans when he refused to play the 1995/96 season, because he earned less than his former teammate Alexandre Daigle.

In the playoffs, 2000, the Ottawa Senators met with the Toronto Maple Leafs and eliminated in the very first round. In the following four years they should meet three more times in the playoffs on the Maple Leafs and lose every time. In addition, both teams from the Canadian province of Ontario come, so finally created a rivalry between the two teams.

Success and financial problems (2001 to 2004)

2000/ 01 was the last season of Alexei Yashin at the Senators and he presented himself once more in good shape, but he could no longer get in the playoffs. Marián Hossa now established itself as a mainstay in attack, in defense of Wade Redden was added to a fixed size and Patrick Lalime in goal showed very good performance. Daniel Alfredsson led as captain of the team. There were a lot of young players, such as Chris Phillips, Martin Havlát and Mike Fisher. After Jaschins leaving the team was reinforced by Zdeno Chára. About the second round of the playoffs, the Senators came in 2001/ 02 but not yet out.

The 2002/03 season has been marked by ups and downs. On 9 January 2003, the franchise went bankrupt, but was able to continue the operation of gambling by financial assistance from the NHL. Despite the financial woes the team played their best season and finished at the end of the base passage first place in the league and thus won the Presidents' Trophy. In the playoffs, they could continue with their successful game and failed only in the Eastern Conference finals to the New Jersey Devils, who went on to win the Stanley Cup.

In September 2003, bought the business owner Eugene Melnyk, the Ottawa Senators, which thus again could create a financially secure future.

The senator denied 2003/ 04 a solid season and qualified for the playoffs without any major problems. On 5 March 2004 it came to a sensational game against the Philadelphia Flyers. Only within the last two minutes of the game, there were five mass brawls and it took 90 minutes to play this game two minutes to the end. In the end, a total of 419 penalty minutes were given and both teams only had six or seven players on the bench. After the Senators had made it in the preseason to the final of the Eastern Conference, they parted this time right in the first round against arch-rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs from.

A new era (since 2004)

The departure had finally personnel consequences and head coach Jacques Martin, who had built the Senators over nearly nine years at a competitive team, but only won four out of twelve playoff series, was released and goalkeeper Patrick Lalime was transferred to St. Louis Blues. Bryan Murray was set on 8 June 2004 as the new head coach of the Ottawa Senators.

The 2004/05 season was canceled because of the lockout and in late summer 2005, the team was put together for the new season. Marián Hossa, who had established themselves among the best strikers in the league, was transferred to the Atlanta Thrashers, the charges in return for Dany Heatley to Ottawa. Heatley had requested this transfer because two years earlier, with a debt of his car accident was a teammate and friend Dan Snyder died and he wanted to get away. As a new goalkeeper Dominik Hašek they committed with a very experienced goalkeeper and with Christoph Schubert, a young German player in the squad of the senator.

In the very first game of the season 2005/ 06 on 5 October 2005 saw the team for a premiere, as they defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs in the newly introduced Shootout. Captain Alfredsson and Heatley met for the victory of the Senators and the bat both players that they had used in the Shootout, got a place in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Dany Heatley made ​​for a further highlight, when he became the first player of the franchise was on 13 April 2006, which reached the mark of 100 points. At the end of the season both he and Daniel Alfredsson had scored 103 points. Could also shine Jason Spezza with 90 points, the management in the NHL Entry Draft could commit 2001. Less positive was the season for goalkeeper Dominik Hasek. In February 2006, he was injured during the Olympic hockey tournament and fell for the rest of the season. Substitute goalkeeper Ray Emery took his place and helped the team 's victory in the first round of the playoffs against defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning. However, in the second round, they were frustrated by the Buffalo Sabres.

Season 2006/ 07

In the summer of 2006 obliged the Senators Martin Gerber, who was provided as the new goalkeeper, as Dominik Hašek a new contract was awarded and with Tom Price Sing a defender whose strength is the power play. With Joe Corvo, they also brought another defensively oriented attacker. However, some important pillars of recent years left the team. Zdeno Chára moved to the Boston Bruins, while Martin Havlát was transferred to the Chicago Blackhawks.

The team played a very good season in 2006/ 07 and finished at the end of the regular season in fourth place in the Eastern League. Dany Heatley did his best season so far, scoring 50 goals and 55 assists. He was followed by his strike partner Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson each with 87 points. During the basic passage the senator plagued with injury problems especially in attack. So they had in the meantime commit another center with Mike Comrie, as failed to Antoine Vermette, Spezza and Fisher three players for this position in the longer term. In goal, Ray Emery was able to prevail against Martin Gerber and other young players like Andrei Meszaros and Patrick Eaves took over responsibility in the team as the number one.

In the first round of the playoffs, the Senators met the Pittsburgh Penguins to a young star Sidney Crosby. The Senators had no major problems with the team still very inexperienced and moved to five games in the second round one. There they had to play against the New Jersey Devils. In the first game Ottawa led after the first period 4-1, but had to wait until the end to fight for victory, which was very close but still 5-4 at the end. The series they were finally able to win 4-1, and mainly the first attack range to Spezza, Alfredsson and Heatley it was that led the team in the Eastern Conference finals. In the Conference Finals was with the Buffalo Sabres, the best team in the regular season of opponents. But this series has been dominated by the Senators and Buffalo had to offer big problems of the game, the Senators stand up. The Sabres lost their first two home games and the third game, which was held in Ottawa, the Senators could win. After the Sabres were able to win the fourth game, Ottawa finally decided the series in five games and drew for the first time in the Stanley Cup final. In the final series for the Stanley Cup, the Senators met the Anaheim Ducks. But this time, Ottawa had big problems to come into play, since the forward line to Spezza, Alfredsson and Heatley was almost completely off. Anaheim led by its two home games 2-0 and were in the two games, another victory in Ottawa. In the fifth game, the Ducks finally picked up the crucial fourth victory prevented and thus, that the Senators could bring "original" Ottawa Senators 80 years ago again the Stanley Cup to Ottawa for the first time since the last final victory.

Despite the success dismissed team owner Melnyk general manager John Muckler. Head coach Bryan Murray took over Mucklers post, but at the same time put the coach resigned. Successor on the coaching job was Murray's former assistant coach John Paddock.

Season 2007/ 08

The Senators had the best start to the season with 13 wins out of all the team for the first 14 games and were thus able to build on the performance of the previous year. In the Eastern Conference they held the top position and built them out, but they experienced in January a weak phase, which continued in February and they finally had to give the first place in the Conference. The commitments by Mike Commodore and Cory Stillman management of the team tried to provide more stability. Instead, the Senators lost further ground and the end of February was head coach John Paddock, after the team suffered 14 defeats in 21 games, fired as coach Bryan Murray and returned to that post. In the remaining one and a half months of the season but the team showed no improvement and they finished at the end of the seventh place in the East, which they were able to secure a playoff spot with only two points ahead. In the first round they met, like last year, the Pittsburgh Penguins. After Ottawa was drafted last season until well into the Stanley Cup final, they failed and now has over the Penguins in four games in which they could achieve only five goals.


The Senators play their home games since 1996 in Canadian Tire Centre, a 18,630 -seat multi-purpose arena, from. It is located in Kanata, a suburb of Ottawa. Planned and opened the hall was under the name of The Palladium. Shortly after opening, the software company Corel secured the naming rights and named the hall in Corel Centre has to offer. From 2006 to 2013, the naming rights were at the arena at the Scotiabank, they should initially apply until 2021. The company should pay 20 million U.S. dollars for the entire life of 15 years. 2013, the name was changed once more.

From 1992 to 1996 the club played in 1967 opened Ottawa Civic Centre, at the hockey events had a capacity of 9,862 seats. For the Senators, the seating was renewed and reduces the space per seat in order to reach a capacity of 10,585. After extract the Senators this was dismantled. The Civic Centre is located just outside of the center of Ottawa. Since you at the time of construction not only an ice rink in Ottawa needed, but also a football stadium, you put the construction together. The hall was integrated here into a grandstand of the stadium. Since founding the youth team of the Ottawa it is home to 67 's. In the early 1970s, the World Hockey Association again professional ice hockey came to Ottawa, played there also the Ottawa Nationals and later the Ottawa Civics.

Farm team

Like all NHL teams entertain the Ottawa Senators several farm teams in lower leagues. The most important and best talent have the Senators since the beginning of the 2002/ 03 in Binghamton in upstate New York, where the Binghamton Senators play in the American Hockey League. The American Hockey League is declared as a minor league Class AAA and thus the highest possible level below the NHL. In addition to the AHL club, the Senators are still working since the beginning of the 2008/09 season with the Elmira Jackals of the ECHL together.

Achievements and honors

Sporting successes

The first big success celebrated the Ottawa Senators in the 2002/03 season with first place after the end of the regular season and the associated winning the Presidents' Trophy. With 52 wins in 82 games this season, the Senators led the league and occupied the top position with two points ahead of the Dallas Stars.

In the season 2006/ 07 they added another success. After commanding victories over the Pittsburgh Penguins, New Jersey Devils and Buffalo Sabres in the first three rounds of the playoffs, the Senators, the Prince of Wales Trophy received as the best team in the Eastern Conference. Thus they stood for the first time in the final of the Stanley Cup, where they on the representative of the Western Conference, the Anaheim Ducks met. In the final series, however, Ottawa was defeated.

In addition, the Senators won since the season 1998/99, four division titles.

NHL Awards and All-Star Team nominations

Since the establishment of franchises succeeded seven players and coaches of the Ottawa Senators to win an individual NHL Awards. In addition, six players made ​​it into one of the all-star teams, and five more in the All- Rookie team.

NHL All-Star Game nominations

* Cancellation for breach ** Participation in the Young Stars Game Participation as a coach ***

A total of 28 players of the Ottawa Senators have been elected by the fans due to their popularity in the All-Star Game or nominated by the coaches because of their achievements.

Season statistics

Note: GP = Games, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, OTL = Losses after Overtime, SOL = Shootout Losses by, Pts = Points, GF = Goals Scored, GA = Goals against, PIM = Penalty minutes

Franchise Records

The following players selected records of the franchise will be listed on both the entire career as well as on individual seasons.


* Active player; Stand by end 2010/11 season



Abbreviations: GC = Matches, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, OTL = Losses after Overtime, Pts = Points, Win % win rate =

* Change during the season ** Jacques Martin left the cancer-stricken Roger Neilson for two games as coach

General Manager

* Change during the current season


Squad of the 2013/14 season

As of November 27, 2013

Team captains

In the history of the Ottawa Senators, there have been eight different players who held the office of the team captain.

In its premiere season, the Senators went to the little-known but highly experienced Laurie Boschman. Boschman was selected by the Sens in the NHL Expansion Draft in 1992 out of the squad to the New Jersey Devils and could look back at this time 13 NHL seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets and New Jersey Devils. As he finished his career after the 1992/93 season, Mark Lamb and Gord Dineen divided in the following year Brad Shaw, the captain's armband. After only one year, in 1994, finally Randy Cunneyworth the "C" and wore this for four years until 1998 on his jersey. He had come in the summer of 1994 by the Chicago Blackhawks and was one of the most experienced players in the squad. His term ended with a move to the Buffalo Sabres in the summer of 1998, bringing the Russian Alexei Yashin took over his position for a year. Yashin was the first draft pick of the team in 1992 and was stopped since the squad. Since Yashin in the 1999 /00 took a personal time out, the office went to the Swede Daniel Alfredsson, who previously remained in office as long as no other player.

Members of the Hockey Hall of Fame

So far the only member of the Ottawa Senators Roger Neilson was inducted into the present in Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame on 4 November 2002. Neilson worked between 2001 and 2003 as an assistant and head coach in the Canadian capital.

Locked jersey numbers

Before the first game of the Ottawa Senators on 8 October 1992 Frank Finnigan was honored posthumously. Finnigan was the last surviving member of the Stanley Cup team of the "original" Ottawa Senators from 1927, and had supported the bid for the contract for a new NHL franchise for Ottawa. His number eight hanging on the ceiling of the Canadian Tire Centre, and is awarded to no more players the Senators.

In addition, the famous 99 Canadian Wayne Gretzky is the league locked since 6 February 2000.

Top 10 voting rights in the NHL Entry Draft

The first player to the Ottawa Senators pledged in its history in the NHL Entry Draft, was the Russian Alexei Yashin. Yashin was developed in the following years a mainstay of the team, but fell again to negative, when he demanded more and more money and therefore even strike twice. Alexandre Daigle was selected in 1993 as the first overall, but could never meet the expectations and emerged as one of the biggest draft flops in history. Bryan Berard was also drafted in 1995 as the first overall, but played a single game for Ottawa, he was transferred before the start of his NHL career with the New York Islanders. The Draft- 1996 is one of the weakest in the history of the NHL Entry Draft and then the selected Ottawa at position 1 Chris Phillips never developed into a real star, but nevertheless managed to establish itself as an integral part of Ottawa's defense. Jason Spezza, who was selected in 2001 to second place, was probably the best ever election of Senators. Spezza has developed into a very good playmaker despite his young age and is now one of the best centers in the NHL. Brian Lee, who was drafted in 2005 at the ninth position was so far only sporadically in the NHL used.

But not only the top 10 draft picks created a stir, but later drawn players like Daniel Alfredsson and Marián Hossa. You are now among the top players in the NHL.

Franchise -top points scorer

The ten best points scorer in the history of the franchise until the end of the regular season 2010/11 and the playoffs in 2011.

Abbreviations: Pos = Position, GP = Games, B = Goals, A = Assists, Pts = Points P / G = Points per game

Regular Season


Logo and Trikotddesign

The current logo was introduced together with the new Reebok jerseys 2007. It corresponds largely to the previous secondary logo that is used on the jersey sleeve and the 3rd jersey. The drawing of the face was a little more abstract.

Since then, the O logo of the old senator is also used as a secondary logo.

The home jersey is decorated in red with black and white inserts on the sleeves and carries the primary logo on the chest and the O logo on both shoulders. The classic V-neck collar is black.

The away jersey corresponds to the design of the home jersey, however, carries the main color white with black and red as accent colors.

The third jersey ( the so-called Heritage jersey) was introduced in 2011 and is based in design to that of the original Senators. The basic color black is interrupted by a respective red and white stripes on chest and sleeves. It is a broken white color. The Heritage jersey bears the O logo on the chest, and a coat of arms, shield -like logo on the shoulders. On the crest, the team name is on the right in English and in French on the left to reflect the bilingualism of the fan base. This jersey wearing a Schnürkragen.

For NHL Heritage Classic in 2014 a variant of the Heritage jerseys was worn with white base color.