Otterbach (Inde)

Confluence with the Inde (front) at Weisweiler

It is completely within the city limits of Eschweiler in the Aachen region and rises in Bovenberger forest near the municipal border with Langerwehe in the district of Düren. In a straight line it flows parallel to the Omerbach through the eastern Nothberg. Near the castle Nothberger he changed his direction strictly to the east along the railroad embankment and flows Weis hamlet in the Inde.

Due to the very similar in spelling he is sometimes confused in historical documents with the Omerbach.

In March 2004, the impasse of Heisterner street in Nothberg was after much insistence of local residents renamed the numbers Heisterner Road 67 to Road 89 in Heisterner On Otterbach.