Otto Funke

Otto Funke ( born October 27, 1828 in Chemnitz, † August 17, 1879 in Freiburg i Br ) was a German physiologist.


Funke studied from 1846 to 1851 in Leipzig and Heidelberg. In 1852 he was habilitated to Privatdozent for physiology in Leipzig. At the University of Leipzig, he became an associate in 1853, in 1856 a full professor of physiological chemistry.

From 1860, he was then professor of physiology and zoology at the University of Freiburg.

Funke succeeded for the first time in 1851, to crystallize the blood ( "Radio ash crystals "). This was a precursor to the discovery of hemoglobin by Felix Hoppe- Seyler. He also conducted research on the effect of the arrow poisons ( curare ), for blood formation in the spleen and on many other physiological areas.


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