Otto II, Duke of Swabia

Otto II († 1047), from the family of Ezzonen, the son of Count Palatine Ezzo of Lorraine and Mathilde of Saxony, thus a grandson of Emperor Otto II was.

After his father's death ( 1034) he was in 1035 succeeded him as Count Palatine of Lorraine.

After the death of Duke Hermann IV ( 1038 ) was the Duchy of Swabia directly by King Henry III. managed. It was not until 1045 ( Goslar, 7 April ) named this with Otto a new Duke of Swabia and Lorraine gave the Count Palatine Otto's office simultaneously nephew Henry I († 1061 ). Otto died but already 1047th He was buried in Brauweiler by Bishop Bruno of Toul, 1049 Pope Leo IX. climb.

Otto II was regarded as the father of Richenza of Swabia, the first marriage with Count Hermann von Werl and in second marriage with Count Otto of Northeim, from 1061 when Otto II, Duke of Bavaria, was married. The relationship true today as doubtful.

After the death of Otto II occupied Henry III. the Office with Otto of Schweinfurt, Franconia Branch of Babenberg.