Otto IV, Count of Burgundy

Otto IV (c. 1238, † March 26, 1303 ) was Lord of Salins 1266-1302 and Count Palatine of Burgundy from 1279 to 1302 He was the eldest son of Hugh of Salins († 1266 ) and the countess Adelaide of Andechs. - Meranien whose heritage he took in 1279. His favorite haunt was Gray in Haute- Saône today.

He married in 1263 Philippa of Bar, daughter of Count Theobald II, a conflict with his uncle John I of Chalon, worsened when Otto 1279 inherited from his mother Franche-Comté ( capital: Dole ). Took possession, prompted him to seek the support of the King of France. He participated in the campaigns of Philip III. (1270-1285) against Sicily and Aragon (1284-1285) part. His brother in arms Robert II of Artois († 1302) offered the aging, now widowed Otto the hand of his young daughter also mentioned Mahaut Mathilde (* probably 1270) on. The wedding took place in 1285.

With King Philip IV (1268-1314), he joined on June 9, 1291 the Treaty of Evreux, in the case that a male heir forthcoming, the marriage of Otto and Mahaut just born first daughter Johanna with the French Crown Prince Ludwig, the future Louis X (1289-1316) or other future son of the king agreed. High in debt, he agreed in 1295 in the Treaty of Vincennes, was free and the county passed in each case to the son of the king which confirmed the previous agreement, now, however, a possible male descendant of Otto excluded from the succession.

He participated in Philip IV's campaign in Flanders was wounded and taken to Melun, where he died of his injuries.

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Otto's first wife Philippa of Bar bore him a daughter

  • Alix ( † after January 31, 1285 ).

With Mathilde d'Artois he had three children:

  • Johanna II ( * before June 1291, † 1330), 1315 Countess Palatine of Burgundy, Philip V ∞ 1307, † 1322, King of Navarre and France
  • Blanka ( probably * 1295, † 1325/26 as a nun in Maubuisson ) ∞ 1308, divorced in 1322, Charles IV † 1328, King of Navarre and France
  • Robert ( * 1300, † 1315), Count of Burgundy 1302
  • Graf ( Burgundy )
  • Mr. ( Salins)
  • House of Burgundy - Ivrea
  • Born in the 13th century
  • Died in 1303
  • Man