Otto Schulmeister

Otto Schulmeister ( born April 1, 1916 in Vienna, † August 10, 2001 same place ) was a journalist and editor in chief of some three decades, and editor of the Austrian newspaper Die Presse. He was considered the doyen of journalism and one of the most important but also most controversial chief editors of the postwar period.


Otto Schulmeister was born the son of a Government Council in Vienna. He was already active before 1938 in Austria still illegal in the Hitler Youth and the Nazi wing of the Catholic Youth Movement Federation territory. After graduation he studied Political Science and Social Sciences in Vienna. In March 1941, he wanted to join the NSDAP, but was added a year later. His dissertation " The expectant bloc economy " appeared in a NS -Verlag in Berlin. In it, he justified the German eastward expansion as a " restoration of the ( German ) habitat ".

His journalistic career began schoolmaster as a journalist with the Nazi economic newspapers Southeast Europe echo and cable. From 1942 he worked for a propaganda arm of the Wehrmacht in Russia, the Balkans (such as with the later editor of the Press, Ilse Leitenberg ) and in Sicily. When the war ended he was captured by British troops and released in 1946.

Ernst Molden took a schoolmaster first week to the press, which is closely linked with the press. From 1946, however, changed schoolmaster as foreign policy editor for sister publication. Almost his entire career over remained schoolmaster in the press, which he shaped to a significant degree. He rose to become deputy editor and finally editor in chief in 1961, a position he held until 1976. After his resignation as editor in chief schoolmaster was from 1976 to 1989 editor of the press.

In addition to his work in the civil Journal schoolmaster was from 1947 to 1968 and co-editor and head of editorial of word and truth.

In addition, the father of six children, served as co-editor of the socio-historical anthology Spectrum Austriae and the image band Imago Austriae as well as editor of the letters to the Austrians.

One of his sons, Paul schoolmaster who was also a journalist and for many years a foreign correspondent of the ORF in Germany. The second son Stephan Schulmeister is an economist. His youngest daughter Terese schoolmaster is a painter and was a leading member of the Commune of Otto Muehl.

Otto Schulmeister was buried on Neustift cemetery in Vienna.

Exposure as a CIA informer

An article that documents the evidence of the activity schoolmaster for the CIA by the scientist and historian Siegfried Beer profile appears in the news magazine in April 2009. Beer is head of the "Austrian Center for Intelligence, propaganda and security studies".

Acts according to that were released by the CIA in 2006, schoolmaster had received the code name GRCAMERA and, according to profile, " directed his editorials occasionally argumentative according to the wishes of the CIA, stories suppressed if they damaged the U.S. position, and information disclosed for background talks with Austrian politicians and Eastern bloc ambassadors ", where the last entry in the CIA dossier to date from the year 1983.

For its activity Otto Schulmeister had taken no money - even he would have been an isolated case with his problematic especially for a journalist behavior at this time. According to profile and other journalists had been made ​​good with staff from the U.S. Embassy, as well as with there undercover secret service people.



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