Otto Wanz

Otto Wanz ( born June 13, 1943 in Graz, Austria ) is a retired professional wrestler and actor, best known under the ring name "Big Otto" Wanz. With a size of 1.89 meters and a weight of 175 pounds, it was one of the super- heavyweights. Today Otto Wanz works as a competition organizer.


Otto Wanz belonged in the 1960s to the Austrian boxer squad. In 1967 Wanz moved over into rings and began his wrestling career already in 1970.

Wanz was with Peter William together owners of European Wrestling Promotion CWA, for which he also actively took. He previously worked as well for the American AWA and could even hold their world title.

Its active time as a wrestler ended Otto Wanz on 22 December 1990. Wanz holds three world records and strength today hosts many of the European Strongman competitions.

He also played in the video for the title Africa ( " the Massa good at spot " of the Austrian music group EAV) with.

Otto Wanz is the father of TV commentator Michael Wanz.



  • Help, I Love Twins! (1969)
  • Panicked times ( 1980)
  • A guardian angel to Travel ( 1997)