Ottokar II of Styria

Ottokar II, also Otakar, († November 28, 1122 ) was Count in Traungau and im Chiemgau, Margrave of Styria from 1082 to 1122.

He was the son of Ottokar I and the Willibirg of Carinthia. He was married to Elizabeth, daughter of Babenberg Margrave Leopold II of Austria. After a victorious battle on the part of Gregorians against brother Adalbero during the Investiture Controversy 1082, he was succeeded as Margrave.

He founded in 1080 the Benedictine monastery later Garsten ( Steyr ) as a collegiate ..

After the extinction of Eppensteiner who had made ​​some Dukes of Carinthia, in 1122, the rich owned came in the Styrian space to the intermarried with the Eppensteinern Traungau, which strengthened their position in their Margraviate. The Margraviate of 1122 was separated from the Duchy of Carinthia and directly subordinate to the Reich (born in Styria by Hans Pirchegger ).


  • Leopold I the Brave / Strong († 1129 )
  • Cunegonde († 1161 ) ∞ Bernhard Graf von Sponheim - Marburg ( † 1147 )
  • Willibirg († 1145 ) ∞ Ekbert II Count of Formbach - Pitten († 1144 )