Out Stack

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Out Stack, also called Ootsta, is a small, uninhabited rocky island ( "stack" ) in the north of Scotland's Shetland Islands. It is located about 600 meters northeast of Muckle Flugga and 1.8 km north of the northern tip of Unst, the northernmost inhabited island of the Shetlands. It belongs to the group as Muckle Flugga The Holms of Burra Firth. The approximately 50 × 100 m gauging Out ​​stack thus represents the northernmost land mass of the United Kingdom

1849 to Jane Griffin, the wife of the Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin, to be landed on Out Stack to her missing husband at this time to be as close as possible and to pray for him.

The island is a breeding ground for many seabirds and therefore part of the nature reserve Herma Ness National Nature Reserve.