Outer Islands (Seychelles)

As Outer Islands ( Zil Sesel Elwannyen, German " Outer Islands " ) is the non - bank located outside of the Seychelles atolls, raised atolls and islands of the Republic of Seychelles. These are all coralline origin. In contrast, situated on the Seychelles Bank " Inner Islands " granite (with the exception of Denis and Bird Iceland Iceland, which lie on the northern edge of the Seychelles Bank). The Outer Islands are up to 1150 km from the main island of Mahé and are scattered over a sea area of ​​about 300,000 sq km.

The Outer Islands are five groups:

  • The " Southern coral islands " plate and Coëtivy, land area 10 km ²
  • The Amiranten (3 atolls, three upscale atolls, 5 islands ), land area 9.9 km ²
  • The Alphonse Group ( 2 atolls ), land area 3.7 km ²
  • The Farquhar Group ( 2 atolls, one island), land area 10.7 km ²
  • The Aldabra group (2 atolls, islands 2 ), land area 176 km ²

The Outer Islands do with along 211.3 km ² While 46.44 % of the land area of ​​the Seychelles from, however, dwell on them only about 2 % of the Seychelles population ( 1115 population, 2009 estimate ). The islands consistently achieve a height of only a few meters above sea level and have no natural fresh water sources.

The post of the Seychelles issued from July 1980 to November 1992 separate stamp issues for the Outer Islands, a total of 203 marks and 8 stamp blocks. (Source: Michel catalog)

Geographically, nor to the Outer Islands, but politically no longer the territory of the Seychelles island groups also can be counted:

  • The Agalega Islands ( part of Mauritius)
  • The Îles Glorieuses ( among the French Îles Éparses de l' Océan Indien )