Ouvertüre zum "Fliegenden Holländer", wie sie eine schlechte Kurkapelle morgens um 7 am Brunnen vom Blatt spielt

The Overture to " The Flying Dutchman " as she plays a bad morning spa chapel at 7 am Brunnen from the leaf, in an arrangement for string quartet is a musical parody created in 1925 by Paul Hindemith. The Duration of the work is 7 ½ to 8 minutes and is about three minutes shorter than the original, Richard Wagner's Overture to The Flying Dutchman.


Hindemith, who possessed as a young composer on a lot of humor and self-irony, wrote next to serious works of numerous occasional and parody pieces of which often only the title and the cast are known, including a music for 6 instruments and an furrower, a Berceuse The Storm in a water glass, a Gouda Emmental- march or a song in the style of Richard Strauss, in which he replaced the large orchestra by a string quartet and soprano was singing from a beekeeper newspaper text.

Hindemith originally planned to also publish his parodic pieces and entertainment music, and therefore wrote in 1920 to his publisher Schott: "Can you also use the Foxtrot, Boston, Rags and other kitsch? Whenever I can not decent music anymore, I always write stuff like that. " However, the publisher showed no interest, so many of these works are lost. Among the rediscovered musical parodies from 1923 includes not only the string quartet Minimax also refer to the 1925 Overture to "The Flying Dutchman".


Gislher Schubert, director of the Frankfurt Hindemith Institute, says in the preface to the score that Hindemith not caricatured Wagner's composition, but the members of a band who play for them a new and even ungeprobtes work. Hindemith, who had worked in his youth as a violinist at spa concerts since knew the situation, " how through torture listless - fatigued musician doggedly - experienced by a score ".

In his editing Hindemith reduced written for a romantic opera orchestra overture to a string so that a credible interpretation is required to cope with the poor imitation orchestral musician with the " built- Widerborstigkeiten " of the piece.

Hindemith covers in the work on a variety of tricks with which the musicians cheat " by the musical chaos that they cause ". So the members of the String Quartet must be aware gamble by intone incorrect or faulty use. In bars 261-262 Hindemith writes, for example a glissando of the First Violin "to any sound high up " before. In conclusion, if the whole thing threatens to end in chaos, breaking the musicians from the piece and play from bar 271 a waltz, which is more to them before they change back "sovereign" to Wagner and finish the overture with a cacophonous, dissonant chord, the " leaves shiver ".

Hindemith's editing is meticulously written out of the utmost difficulty and demands of the members of the String Quartet extreme precision, " even if the result sounds miserable ."

Edition of the work

Paul Hindemith: Overture to " The Flying Dutchman ", as in the morning at 7 am Brunnen from the leaf plays a bad spa orchestra for string quartet, ED 8106, Schott, Mainz 1991, score with a foreword by Gislher Schubert.


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