Ovacık, Tunceli

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Ovacik (also Zerenik or Pulur ) is a district ( Ilce ) and a city of Tunceli province in Turkey.

The district is located in the north of the province and is 1,518 km ², the largest county in the province. Ovacik borders the province of Erzincan. The county Ovacik has 5,934 inhabitants, of whom 3,223 are based in the city (as of 2011).

The city is located north of the Munzur Vadisi National Park in one level and is 65 kilometers from the provincial capital of Tunceli away. From this location also results in the name of Ovacik, of Ova for Turkish plane with Ovacik is a diminutive for Small plane. The traditional name comes from Pulur from the Armenian word for hill.

Zazaki and Kurmanji are the most common languages ​​of the district.