Ovar Municipality

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Ovary is a municipality and city in Portugal with 17 824 inhabitants (as at 30 June 2011).


The first record of an emerging settlement here date from the 11th century. 1251 was an independent county ovary ( concelho ), and received city rights in 1514 ( Foral ) by King Manuel I.

In 1984, the previous small-town ( Vila ) to the city ( Cidade ) was charged.

Culture and sights

Various bridges, historic public buildings and a variety, often decorated with azulejos religious buildings stand in a circle under a preservation order. The historical center of the ovary, and the system of the campsite in Furadouro are protected monument.

Ovary is known for its street carnival aligned since 1952, and also for its beaches, especially in Furadouro. Opened in 1997, Library ( Biblioteca Municipal) and the 2009 Inaugurated Cultural Centro de Arte de Ovar, with an auditorium, meeting and seminar rooms are contemporary cultural sites in the city. The City Museum shows the historical life and work of ordinary people from ovary using costumes, tools and dolls.

South of the city lies the nature reserve of the Ria de Aveiro.

A few kilometers north is a small military airfield NATO or the Força Aérea Portuguesa. At the edge of this Aeródromo Militar de Ovar is a branch of the Portuguese Military Aviation Museum, whose main site is located in Sintra.



Ovary is the seat of the homonymous district. The neighboring districts are (clockwise starting from the north ): Espinho, Santa Maria da Feira, Oliveira de Azeméis, Estarreja, Murtosa and the Atlantic Ocean.

The following parishes ( freguesias ) lying in circle ovary:

  • Arada
  • Cortegaça
  • Esmoriz
  • Maceda
  • Ovary
  • São João
  • São Vicente de Pereira JUSA
  • Válega



  • United States United States: Elisabeth (since 1991)
  • Portugal: Peso da Régua (since 1991)
  • France France: Pithiviers (since 1993)
  • Brazil Brazil: João Pessoa (since 1996)
  • Spain: Moraleja, Cáceres province (since 1996)
  • Cape Verde Cape Verde São Nicolau (since 1998)
  • Bulgaria: Pernik (since 1998)


The place is home to the sports club Associação Desportiva Ovarense with a football and basketball department. The basketball department won a number of international and national titles.

In the circle is also the Esmoriz Ginásio Clube call whose volleyball department won several national titles and the football club SC Esmoriz.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Santa Camarão (1902-1968), Boxer
  • Maria Albertina (1909-1985), the fado singer
  • Januário Godinho (1910-1990), architect
  • Dias Correia ( born 1919 ), football player
  • Arlindo Fagundes ( born 1945 ), comic artist, ceramic artist, illustrator and film director
  • Armando França (* 1949), politician
  • Isabel de Sá ( born 1951 ), writer and painter
  • Luís Filipe Menezes ( born 1953 ), physician and politician
  • Belmiro Silva (born 1954 ), cyclist
  • Mário Leite ( born 1963 ), basketball coach, former professional basketball player
  • Carlos Pinho (born 1970 ), cyclist
  • Helder Reis ( born 1975 ), TV presenter
  • Sérgio Praia ( * 1977 ), actor
  • Iva Lamarão (* 1983), model and television presenter

The ska punk band redsocks and the alternative rock band Smalltown syndromes come from the ovary.