Övedskloster Manor

Castle Övedskloster seven kilometers northwest of Sjöbo located in the historic province of Scania, is one of the most perfect rococo manor houses in Sweden.

The castle, which is located near the Vombsjön at the site of a former Premonstratensian monastery - hence the name - was built in 1768-1776 by ​​the architect Carl Hårleman on behalf of the Supreme Hans Ramel. The main building of red sandstone stands out from the four whitewashed side buildings, which are connected by walls and form an imposing courtyard, significantly. The decor in the Gustavian style was designed by the architect Jean Eric Rehn.

The castle is still owned as entail the Ramel family.


The castle is described in the third chapter of the wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgersson with the wild geese.