Owain Cyfeiliog

Owain Cyfeiliog (* 1130, † 1197 ), actually Owain ap Gruffydd, was a prince of the Welsh principality of Powys. He was also known as a poet. Usually it is used to distinguish him from his older contemporaries of the same name Owain ap Gruffydd, called Owain Gwynedd of Gwynedd not appended to the father's name, but as a surname the name of his principality.

He was a son of Gruffydd, the eldest son of Maredudd ap Bleddyn. Madog ap Maredudd His uncle had become king of Powys in 1132 after the death of his grandfather. Owain was appointed in 1149 to the lower ruler of cantref Cyfeiliog. Its territory was attacked in 1153 by Rhys ap Gruffydd. Although Owain Rhys later married daughter, were the two long years of bitter enemies. After the death of his uncle in 1160 was Madog Owain independent ruler of Cyfeiliog his country but was immediately attacked by his grandfather's death of Owain Gwynedd. 1163 conquered and he destroyed along with his cousin Owain Fychan the royal castle of Carreghofa. As a defense against the English invasion plans he belonged in 1165 like most other Welsh princes of the Alliance under Owain Gwynedd against King Henry II. The common defense against the Welsh and a summer heavy rain could completely fail the campaign of the English king. The next year, along with Owain Owain grabbed Fychan to her uncle Iorwerth Goch and drove him from Mochnant. They shared on Mochnant, the dividing line is still the boundary between Denbighshire and Montgomeryshire. 1167 he returned to england friendly policies Madog ap Maredudds and remained so more or less until his death. In 1167 he was attacked by Owain Gwynedd and Rhys ap Gruffydd, who conquered his cantref Caereinion and gave it to Owain Fychan, but with English help, he took it back soon.

He founded in 1170 the Cistercian monastery of Strata Marcella. He supported the British in 1173 continued in 1177 and was a member of the council meeting in Oxford. He was the only Welsh prince, the Archbishop Baldwin and Giraldus Cambrensis not supported in their calls for a crusade and was therefore excommunicated. Probably he handed the 1195 rule to his son Gwenwynwyn and retired to the monastery of Strata Marcella.

Family and descendants

In his first marriage he was married Gwenllian, daughter of Owain Gwynedd. From this marriage he had a son, Gwenwynwyn. His second wife, he married a daughter of Lord Rhys.


In his early years he was also known by the Anglo-Normans as a feared warrior and has been sung in many songs. As a senior prince, he was praised by Giraldus Cambrensis as a wise, just and moderate in his reign rule ruler. In addition, he was a poet himself a warrior piece and other poems.