Owari Domain

Owari (Japanese尾张 藩, Owari -han ) was a Han ( fief ) in Japan in the Edo period, which existed from 1610 to 1871. It had its headquarters in Nagoya in the old province of Owari ( Aichi Prefecture today ), so it was also called the Nagoya -han (名古屋 藩). It was in 1610 out of the Han Kiyosu and was always ruled by the line Owari Tokugawa. First daimyo Tokugawa was Yoshinao, ninth son of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

The sons of the second daimyo, Tokugawa Mitsutomo, received his own fief: Matsudaira Yoshiyuki (松 平 义 行) was 1681-1700 daimyo in Takai and from 1700 in Takasu ( where his line until 1870 ruled ) and Matsudaira Yoshimasa (松 平 义昌) founded in 1683 the line Yanagawa, which merged into the main line in 1730. Several times daimyo of Owari came from these secondary lines.

List of daimyo

  • Owari Tokugawa ( Shimpan - daimyo, 472 344 Koku → 563 206 → 619 500 koku koku ), 1610-1871