Owen Davidson

Owen Davidson ( born October 4, 1943 in Melbourne, Australia ) is an Australian former tennis player and current coach, who currently competes in the Senior ATP Tour. He was able to secure so far as one of the few players to Grand Slam in mixed doubles. His 29- year career began in 1962.


In the second half of the 1960s and the first half of the 1970s Davidson was one of the world's best doubles and mixed players. Together with his playmates, he managed to win ten tournaments in doubles. Two of them were the titles in the years 1972 and 1973 in the major Grand Slam competitions in the Australian Championships ( today's Australian Open ) and U.S. Championships ( today's U.S. Open). In addition, Davidson reached four Grand Slam finals, but these were lost. Overall its ten double victories 13 winless finals are over.

Much more successful his career in Mixed designed. Overall, he gained twelve Grand Slam finals in nine years eleven titles. 1967 - Davidson was one of the few players in addition to Lewis Hoad and Luis Ayala independently, while most other contractual commitments had - he managed the rare feat of a Grand Slam by winning all four tournaments meet in that year. This, however, he succeeded in not continuous with the same partner. At the Australian Championships at the beginning he was still playing at the side of Lesley Turner, while it always Billie Jean King accompanied with the other three Grand Slam tournaments of the year as well as the five winning performances at Grand Slam tournaments in the following years.

Also in the individual competition Davidson was active. Here he has indeed a negative balance on career, but in the pre- Open era, so the years up to and including 1967, he succeeded within six years eight quarter - and semi-finals at a Grand Slam tournaments to achieve. In the latter he moved in with the Wimbledon Championships 1966.

Davidson was at the Wimbledon Championships several times, official spokesman of the athletes. From 1971 to 1980 he served as director of the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas. A remarkable feature of Davidson is the fact that he was already working as a trainer during his active playing career. So he oversaw from 1967 to 1970 the British team in the Davis Cup. From 1974 played Davidson in the U.S. World Team Tennis league. There he joined in 1974 along with Bob Hewitt for the Minnesota Buckskins on. He subsequently moved to the Hawaiian leis and had John Newcombe in 1975 and 1976 Ken Rosewall and Ilie Năstase as playing partners. He quickly became a crowd favorite in this league. In particular, the games with his good friend Newcombe enjoyed great popularity and the audience cheered the great camaraderie of the two compatriots and were amused by their respective crocheted to shape matching mustaches. 1982 Davidson was in the World Team Tennis coach of the Houston Astro- Knots and returned four years it briefly as a player and coach of the Boston Bay's back.

His final retirement from professional sport he declared in 1991. In July 2009, it undertook the Giammalva Racquet Club in the small Texas town of Spring near Houston as one of his trainers. A few months later, in September, was nominated Davidson for induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Bestowed upon this honor in the following year.