OwnCloud is a software suite that provides location-independent storage area for data. The project was launched in January 2010 by the KDE developers Frank Karlitschek to life to create a free alternative to commercial cloud providers. Unlike commercial storage services ownCloud can be installed on a private server at no additional cost. Thus, the concern about a data transfer and the consequent loss of control over the data can just be scattered with sensitive data.

As a basis, the project relies on PHP and a connected SQLite, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database. The ownCloud can be operated via a web interface and is therefore not tied to a particular operating system. But other applications, such as File Manager or groupware, the ownCloud can be addressed via an interface and Share files and data locally.

Supported Operating Systems

OwnCloud runs on Windows, Linux, BSD and other Unix-like operating systems. The use on Mac OS X is currently not officially recommended. For some distributions, you can find ready packages. openSUSE is version 12.1, the first operating system that ownCloud officially supported.

Since April 2012, a desktop client (Qt - based), which supports the synchronization of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux with any ownCloud server exists.

There are apps for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Supported services

Currently ownCloud supports the following services:

  • File storage in conventional directory structures (also via WebDAV)
  • Encryption of data on the server (version 4), and encrypted transmission via SSL / TLS
  • Synchronization of desktops
  • Calendar ( as CalDAV )
  • Tasks (To- do lists )
  • Address (also called CardDAV )
  • Music playback (via Ampache )
  • User and Group Management (expandable, for example, for authentication with LDAP)
  • Share files and folders with other users, groups, or via public URLs
  • Text editor with syntax highlighting and code folding
  • Bookmark Management
  • Short URL management
  • Photo Gallery
  • Viewer for PDF and OpenDocument files
  • Integration of external memories, such as FTP

Since the software is modular, it can be extended by a plugin system to any functionality. About an official platform to apps.owncloud.com developers can provide their extensions, so-called apps, other users for easy installation. This platform communicates with the ownCloud instances over an open protocol.

Version table

  • Text Editor
  • Improved picture gallery
  • Improved Calendar View
  • PDF viewer

Among the functions included in the software one:

  • File Encryption
  • File versioning
  • "Drag & Drop " for uploading files
  • OpenDocument viewer
  • Public API for Developers
  • Faster synchronization
  • New user role "Sub Administrator "
  • Graphical interface for the integration of external storage drives
  • Improving the File Versioning