Ox-Cart Library

The Oxcart Library (English: oxcart library) is a collection of books in the village of North Olmstead, Ohio, United States. It is considered the first lending library of the former Connecticut Western Reserve. The books were transported on bullock carts by more than 1000 km wilderness - bound to protect it in envelopes made ​​of blue paper. They came anyway to partly polluted and the rain softened at the destination. The inhabitants of the area they could borrow.

Captain Aaron Olmsted, who had become wealthy in maritime trade between China and New England, was among the 49 investors in 1795 as a group of buyers much of the " Western Reserve " of Connecticut, a then almost unpopulated land acquired. Its share of $ 30,000 (of $ 120,000 ) made ​​him the owner of several thousand acres of land.

These areas are now North Olmsted, Olmsted Falls and Olmsted Township called; the time of purchase they were known as Lenox. Olmsted rode back in 1795 to visit his country without settling there. He died in 1806. Offered In 1826, Aaron's son Charles Hyde Olmsted settlers of Lenox a book donation of 500 volumes from the personal collection of his father's, if they would rename the area after " Olmsted ". The offer was accepted.

The remaining 159 originals is today the municipal library, the North Olmsted Branch Library, in a display case. Many of them are still in the blue protective envelopes.