Ox Mountains

The Ox Mountains or Slieve Gamph (Irish Sliabh Gamh, dt: " Ochsenberg " ) are a mountain range in County Sligo in western Ireland. They are also known under the name " St Patrick 's Mountain ". St. Patrick is said to have built many churches here.

The highest elevation of the Ox Mountains is the mountain Knockalongy (Irish Cnoc na Loinge, " hill of the ship" ), which rises to a height of 544 m.

About the Irish- Gaelic names gamh sliabh there are different interpretations: First, it can be called mountain of the storm - the mountain is heavily exposed to the winds of the Atlantic, on the other hand referred gamh but also a subspecies of the Ox this region. The property is about 276 m high Knocknashee ( Irish Cnoc na Sí, " hill of the fairies " ) is the 1988 discovered Knocknashee Hill Fort.

The Ox Mountains begin directly southwest of Ballysadare and extending west-southwest around sixty kilometers to the County Mayo.


Gneiss, mica schist and granite rocks form the base of the mountains. Large parts of the area are covered with peat. There are some wooded areas, while in others pending the bare rock. In the north and south, the rock is riddled with limestone and sandstone and is suitable as farmland.



54.1666667 - 8.8333333Koordinaten: 54 ° 10 ' 0 " N, 8 ° 50 ' 0 " W

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