• (2S, 4R )-1- acetyl-4 -hydroxyproline
  • (2S, 4R )-N- acetyl-4 -hydroxyproline
  • (-)- 1-acetyl- 4-hydroxy -L-proline
  • (4R )-1- acetyl-4 -hydroxy- (S) -proline
  • Trans-1 -acetyl -4-hydroxy -L-proline
  • C7H11NO4 ( Oxaceprol )
  • C7H13NO5 ( Oxaceprol · monohydrate)
  • 33996-33-7 ( Oxaceprol )


Soluble in water and methanol, insoluble in ether and chloroform


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Oxaceprol is a derivative of a natural α - amino acid, L- hydroxyproline. Oxaceprol is used as a drug for the treatment of degenerative joint diseases in inflammatory or painful stages such as arthritis, Periarthritus, bursitis, tendinitis or tenosynovitis. Inflammatory connective tissue disorders can also be treated with Oxaceprol.


The reaction of ( 2S, 4R) -hydroxyproline (natural hydroxyproline ) with acetic anhydride under acylation on the nitrogen atom provides Oxaceprol.