Wood sorrel ( Oxalis acetosella ), illustration

The sorrel -like ( Oxalidales ) are an order of angiosperms ( Magnoliopsida ). The taxa contained therein share few morphological traits with each other, so the order was mainly defined by molecular genetic studies. With nearly 800 species, the genus sorrel ( Oxalis ) is the largest genus with about 1800 species rather small order.


Mucous cells are present, the leaves are imparipinnate to three (rarely one ) composed leaflets. Stylus are present, dry the scars. Epikutikular to find wax platelets. The outer epidermis of the inner integument is fibrous by tracheids. The inner seed coat layer endotesta is crystalline.


The sorrel -like are within the euro Siden I, the sister group of the Malpighiales.

The order Oxalidales includes the following families:

The following cladogram down the inner relationship of the order in detail.







Botanical history

The Oxalidales were Although first described in 1927 by August Heintze, but contained under her then twelve families ( including, among other things, the legume ( Fabaceae ), the Geranium Family ( Geraniaceae ) or Flax ( Linaceae ) ) with the sorrel family ( Oxalidaceae ) and the Connaraceae only two of the families from the present size.

Today's projected to Oxalidales families belonged contrast to earlier quite different orders and sometimes even to different subclasses. In today's extent they have only been recognized in the context of molecular genetic studies. First evidence of common ancestry, there were already 1993. Here, a clade from the Oxalidaceae, Cephalotaceae, Cunoniaceae and the (now merged into the Elaeocarpaceae ) Tremandraceae was erected. Further investigations confirmed the order, and completed to its present extent. Although detailed studies are in short supply characteristics that allow a morphological description of the order.


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  • Entry to the order of sorrel -like on the APWebsite