Oxley stands for:

The family names of the following persons:

  • Frederick Oxley, American botanist ( algae)
  • John Oxley (1785-1828), Australian surveyor, explorer and botanist
  • Michael Oxley ( b. 1944 ), American politician
  • Tony Oxley ( born 1938 ), British drummer

Following locations:

  • Oxley (Arkansas )
  • Oxley ( Wolverhampton)
  • Oxley (New South Wales), a place on the Lachlan River in New South Wales, Australia
  • Oxley (Victoria), a city in the northeast of Victoria, Australia
  • Oxley (Queensland ), a suburb of Brisbane, Australia
  • Oxley (Australian Capital Territory ), a suburb of Canberra, Australia

He also represents

  • The Oxley River in the extreme northeast of New South Wales, Australia,
  • The Oxley Highway, runs through the northern New South Wales, Australia, and
  • The Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, also in the north-east of New South Wales, Australia.
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