Oxo (food)

OXO is the name of a trademark for stock cubes of different flavors in the UK. In addition to the original variety beef broth bouillon cube which are now being produced as chicken, lamb and vegetable cubes and some "exotic" flavors.


The preparation of the OXO cube is based on the work of Justus von Liebig and Georg Christian Gilbert. Originally ( 1840) the liquid meat extract was needed for those who could not afford meat. He was also used medically against malnutrition.

In 1899, the name of OXO, and 1910 came from the factories in Uruguay for the first time the cheaper dice in the trade. During the First World War they were among the emergency rations of the British troops. In the four years of the war about 100 million units were produced.

An improvement of the product in 1929 and massive advertising campaigns OXO made ​​in England almost an institution, from the notoriety ago similar to the Maggi seasoning or the Knorr soups in Germany.

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