Oxtail soup

Oxtail soup or oxtail soup is a clear soup or bound to their main ingredients oxtail heard. It is concentrated, from golden to dark brown in color and usually flavored with herbs and flavored with sherry or Madeira.

For general preparation divided oxtail is first seared together with root vegetables vigorously and then everything - cooked in broth for several hours, cleared the soup and degreased or happens - depending on the recipe with other ingredients. Typical spices are thyme, sage, rosemary and basil.

In European cuisine, there are several classic versions:

  • Clear oxtail soup ( consommé de queue de boeuf ): cubes of meat triggered the ox tail and cooked root vegetables in the clarified broth with herbs and sherry
  • Bound oxtail soup ( Potage de queue de boeuf read ): How clear oxtail soup, additionally bound by the flesh mitgeröstetes flour and this happened Root Vegetable broth, flavored with sherry or Madeira
  • Clear oxtail soup or Oxtail clear ( English cuisine ): How clear oxtail soup, in addition tomato paste and red wine in the broth

In Chinese cuisine and the cuisine of African Americans in the United States, oxtail soups are also known - they contain different satiating vegetables in larger quantities and are more like stews.


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