Oshumaré (Portuguese Oxumare, yoruba Osumare ) is an Orisha in the religion of the Yoruba and the acts building upon Afro-American religions, such as the Brazilian Candomblé, or Cuban Santería. In the syncretic combination with Catholic saints, he is revered as Bartholomew, Voodoo he is identified with Damballah ..

He is the Orisha of the rainbow that rises as a large snake from the bottom of the world to drink in the cloud water. Chance he is regarded as servants of Shango, the water from the earth brings to Shango's heavenly palace. He has mastered the seasons, rain and drought, and is responsible for hunger and prosperity, which also includes wealth through lotteries, and the like. He is the son of Nana Buruku and twin brother of Babalú Ayé as well as the crown of Yemayá. In the syncretic Umbanda it is an aspect of Oshun.