Oya Baydar

Oya Baydar ( born July 3, 1940 in Istanbul) is a Turkish writer and journalist.


Baydar attended the French Gymnasium in Istanbul and studied sociology. Soon she became involved in the political left. As a founding member of the Turkish Socialist Workers' Party, it came after the 1980 coup targeted by the military government, was initially detained. After their escape before the military coup in September 1980, she lived for twelve years in Frankfurt am Main. In 1992, she was able to return due to an amnesty in Turkey. Under the impact of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the author, who had been silent for 30 years began to write again. In 2001, she founded the Turkey Peace Attempt whose spokeswoman is still. Since her return to Turkey, she works as a journalist, publicist and writer in Istanbul. She is married to Turkish journalist Aydın Engin and has a son.


2011 appeared the German version of Oya Baydars novel The Judasbaumtor for which the author received the Cevdet - Kudret Literature Prize, one of Turkey's most important literary prizes. It is a portrait of Istanbul from four different perspectives and at the same time one described from these different perspectives confrontation between the revolutionary left and the Turkish state.


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  • Kedi Mektupları. 1992 ( German: Cats letters, novel)
  • Hiçbiryere dönüş.1999 ( German: Return to Nowhere, short stories )
  • Sıcak külleri Kaldi. 2000 ( German: What remained was hot ash, novel)
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  • Çöplüğün Generali. 2009 (German as: dump general, novel)

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