View over the Oyapock of Brazil

The Oyapock or Oiapoque is a river in South America. It forms the border between French Guiana and Brazil, until it empties into the Atlantic

The border is guarded by the police and the Foreign Legion from Kourou. Customs offices are located in St. George de l' Oyapoque and Camopi.

Boundary problem

The area on the Brazilian side of the river today has been claimed for a long time in France and the former colonial power Portugal. As a mediator, Switzerland was used, which stipulated the Oyapock as a border river. Even today, in the center of the Brazilian border village, a memorial stone for this event.

Environmental issues

Since in the region of gold is to find mine there very many illegal prospectors who work with mercury, and this with the waste water into the river, and hence into the free environment. This is in addition to the flora and fauna, especially for the traditionally living in the forest indigenous population nature a very serious health risk dar. Although French officials take action against these people, then just work on the other side of the river further and penetrate again after some time in French- guyanesisches a territory because the rainforest is difficult to control, and in the case of taking the polluters the French military have little legal recourse against those working in mafia- like structures people. The miners, who actually do the work and take major health as legal risk to themselves, are usually in a suppressed, slave-like working relationship with their " Dono " ( ptg. ) in the background, which is often not shy away from violence.

A few figures

  • River length: 370 km
  • Catchment area: 26,820 km ²
  • Drain: 835 m³ / s ( annual average)
  • River in South America
  • River in Brazil
  • River in French Guiana
  • Water system Atlantic Ocean