Oyem is the capital of the province Woleu - Ntem in the north of Gabon. With approximately 38,000 inhabitants ( 2008 calculation ) it is also the fourth largest city in the country. It is located some 30 kilometers east of the border with Equatorial Guinea and almost 80 kilometers south of the border with Cameroon away on a plateau about 900 meters above sea level. The city has a hospital, a market and an airport. The most important economic factor is agriculture.


From October 1912 until the First World War the town was under the name Ojem location of the 10th Company of the Imperial Security Assistance Force in Cameroon and seat of the German district Wolö - Ntem.


Oyem is the seat of the Diocese of Oyem.


  • Location in Gabon
  • Woleu - Ntem
  • Place in Africa