Oymyakon (Russian Оймякон, Yakut Өймөкөөн / Öjmököön ) is a village ( selo ) in the same Ulus (district ) in the eastern part of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia ) in the Russian Far East. Oymyakon has 462 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ) and is next to Verkhoyansk as "the cold pole of all inhabited areas of the earth." The name Oymyakon means in the language of the Yakuts as much as "hot spring ".


Oymyakon is located approximately 680 km east-northeast of the city of Yakutsk in the highlands of Oymyakon in the valley of the river Indigirka around 675 m height. The town is located between the elongated Verkhoyansk Mountains and the Tscherskigebirge. The highlands final south mountain range prevents the inflow of warmer air masses. 135 km southwest of Oymyakon runs the Suntar - Chajata mountain range with the 2959 m high Mus Haya. To the west, the mountain range continues in the Verkhoyansk Mountains.

Oymyakon Oymyakon is part of the Ulus and is located 125 km south of a straight line whose administrative center of Ust- Nera. The village is home to the rural community ( selskoje posselenije ) Borogonski 1-j Nasleg, which also includes the two villages Bereg - Jurdja (5 km east, 178 inhabitants) and Chara - Tumul ( just over 3 kilometers north-west, 121 inhabitants) belong. The municipality has a total of 761 residents (14 October 2010).


Although Oymyakon is located about 2900 km from the North Pole, here are ( long-term weather station in the village Tomtor, 30 km southeast since 2004 with its own weather station in Oymyakon (63 ° 16 ' N, 143 ° 12' O63.263055555556143.20833333333 ) ) are often the lowest temperatures all inhabited areas of the earth ( cold pole of all habitable areas of the earth, see the highlands of Oymyakon ) measured. The extreme values ​​are favored among others by the topographic conditions in the highlands.

As a minimum -67.8 ° C (February 6, 1933) are currently recognized (same value as in Verkhoyansk ). The values ​​given in Oymyakon on cold pole monument -71.2 ° C in 1926 are not recognized. Supposedly, the value was not measured but extrapolated from an Academy member. In the area around Oymyakon you can find very often pronounced cold high.

In contrast, it can be warm in summer 30 ° C, which therefore temperature differences of more than 100 Kelvin within a year are possible. On 28 July 2010 34.6 ° C, a new peak temperature measured, which was 2 ° C above the previous record.