Oyo (Nigeria)

Federal State

Oyo is a city in the same Nigerian state of Oyo in the western part of Nigeria. One calculation according to the 2012, it has over 386,000 inhabitants.

Middle of the 17th century belonged to the kingdom of Oyo, which was built by the Yoruba, vast areas between the rivers Niger and Volta. The city is now home to the Alafins ( king ) of Oyo Yoruba. Of economic importance are in addition to the cultivation of cotton and tobacco as well as their processing and the manufacture of textiles and handicrafts. Among the most important commodities include cotton, corn, cocoa, palm products and tobacco. In the area of Oyo gold and tin are mined.

Oyo and environment constitute two of the 33 Local Government Areas ( LGA ) of Oyo State, Oyo -West ( also Oyo ) and Oyo - East, with an area of ​​525.75 or 143.88 km ². In the previous census in 1991, the LGAs had 79 187 or 165 068 inhabitants and thus a population density of 151 inhabitants per km ² or 1147. Together with the agglomeration was the population of the city of 369 894 inhabitants. For this purpose, a sharp increase has been seen, because the city alone is now home to more than 386,000 inhabitants.

In Oyo is the management of the Old Oyo National Park.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Gbenga Oluokun, Nigerian boxer
  • Fela Sowande (1905-1987), composer, organist and music teacher