Oz (programming language)

Oz is a multi- paradigmatic programming language that combines sometimes declarative, object-oriented, parallel, and constraint programming.


Mozart (english The Mozart Programming System) is probably the only implementation of Oz, whose development was initiated by professor of computer science Gert Smolka and his research group at the University of the Saarland as DFKI Oz in the early 1990s. In 1999, the University of the Saarland, the Swedish Institute of Computer Science ( SICS ) and the French Université catholique de Louvain existing Mozart Consortium the project. Since 2005, consisting of various international research institutions Mozart Board is responsible for the project.


Mozart can be run on various platforms, including GNU / Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows (up to Vista). Some Linux distributions provide Mozart even directly in their official repositories ready, such as Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo.


Mozart is free software. It is, like the Free Software Foundation confirmed, under the X11 license resembling Mozart License.

Mozart Global User Library

The Mozart Global User Library ( MOGUL ) is a repository of Mozart packets that can be uploaded by the community. However, some important packages such as Strasheela, a constrain- based Musikkomponiersystem, not to be found in the archive.

Oz Programming Interface

To facilitate the development, the Oz Programming Interface ( OPI) was created to facilitate the interaction with the Mozart development system. It mainly consists of the one mode for GNU Emacs and XEmacs, which integrates the compiler Mozart and Mozart Engine in the editor, which allows the source code (or parts thereof) to compile quickly and easily and to search for errors.