Ozaki Kihachi

Ozaki Kihachi (Japanese尾崎 喜 八; born January 31, 1892 in the prefecture of Tokyo, † February 4, 1974 ) was a Japanese writer.


During the visit, the Keika - Shogyo School Ozaki learned the English language and dealt with English lyrics. As an employee of a trading company he started under the influence of the poet and sculptor Takamura Kotaro, whom he had met in 1911 to draft translations, poems and short stories that were published in the literary magazine Shirakaba.

His first collection of poems appeared in 1922 under the title Sora to Jumoku. Encouraged by his friends Mushanokoji Saneatsu and Senge Motomaro he aspired to join the literary production with a nature-loving life. Self-taught, he learned German and French and was impressed by the works of Romain Rolland and Hermann Hesse, as well as the poems of Rainer Maria Rilke, whom he met in the translation Chino Shoshos. In addition to poetry collections Takamura Shisho and Hana Sakeru Kodoku he created translations of works by Hesse, Rolland and Georges Duhamel.