Ožďany (Hungarian Osgyán ) is a municipality in the Südmittelslowakei.


It lies in the eastern part of the Lučenská kotlina on the river Sucha, on the main road (called I/50, European route 58) between Lučenec (20 km west) and Rimavská Sobota (11 km east).


Although in the 13th century there was a settlement here comes the first mention of the year 1332 as Osyan. At the beginning of the 14th century a castle was built. It was conquered by the Hussites in 1452, since 1460 it belonged to the Bakos family. In 1604 it was burned down by imperial troops; on the remains of a fort was built. The village itself was an agricultural settlement. After 1786 the local situation Šranky was incorporated.

Until 1919 the village belonged in the county Gemer and small Hont the Kingdom of Hungary, later it came to the newly formed Czechoslovakia. Because of the First Vienna Award, it was from 1938 to 1945 again to Hungary and since 1993 has been part of the present-day Slovakia.


  • Renaissance castle from the 17th century, built on the ruins of a Gothic castle. Today in decaying condition.
  • Roman Catholic Church in the years 1768-74
  • Protestant church from 1825