Ozolnieki (Eng. Paul Grace ) is located a place in Latvia about 36 km southwest of Riga and 6 km east of Jelgava (Ger. Jelgava ).

The village grew up around the estate, which was expropriated after the land reform in 1920 and divided into 252 parts for new settlers. 1929 its own railway station on the route Riga - Jelgava ( Jelgava ) was opened. The village grew especially after 1950 here a factory for dewatering machine was built.

Ozolnieku novads

Ozolnieku novads (German territory Paul Grace ) was created in 2003 by the union with the community Cena (German Zennhof ). Of 2009 was added Sidrabene. 2009, reported 10 237 inhabitants.