Ozzie Newsome



  • Cleveland Browns (1991-1995)
  • Baltimore Ravens (since 1996)
  • 3 × Pro Bowl selection ( 1981, 1984, 1985)
  • 7 × All-Pro selection ( 1979-1985 ) 1 2 team
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame (1999)
  • Alabama Sports Hall of Fame (1992 )
  • " Whizzer " White NFL Man of the Year Award ( 1989)
  • NFL 1980s All- Decade Team
  • Cleveland Browns Legends
  • Cleveland Browns Ring of Honor ( 2010)

Ozzie Newsome Jr. ( born March 11, 1956 in Muscle Shoals, Alabama ) Nickname: The Wizard of Oz is a former American professional American football player. He played as a tight end in the National Football League ( NFL) for the Cleveland Browns. Newsome is since 1999 official with the Baltimore Ravens and practice at the time the Office of the General Manager of. He is the first black general manager in the NFL.


Ozzie Newsome visited in Leighton High School, where he was active as baseball, basketball and football players. In the football team, he played at various positions. After school, he had to contribute to the livelihood of his family and work on the surrounding cotton fields and help out Fat 's Cafe his father in the restaurant.

Playing career

College career

Newsome studied from 1974 to 1977 at the University of Alabama and played the Alabama Crimson Tide for their football team as a wide receiver. Ozzie has been recognized for athletic performance in many cases. He was three times the national team of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and elected twice to the All- American. In 1977 took place in the SEC his election as Offensive Player of the Year. Newsome and his team won the championship three times in the SEC. He completed his horticulture studies from successful and has won several awards through his college because of his athletic achievements.

Professional career

Ozzie Newsome was drafted in 1978 in the first round to 23 out by the Cleveland Browns. For the Browns, he moved to the position of tight end and was a rookie to the starter. In 1984, Marty Schottenheimer took over the office of the Head coach for the Browns, who managed the obligation of Bernie Kosar quarterback in 1985. 1986 Newsome should then move in for the first time with his team in the AFC Championship Game. Previously, it was the Browns in the divisional play -off game managed to beat the New York Jets with 23:20. Newsome played a decisive role in the victory. With six passports from Kosar he had a space gain of 114 yards. In the AFC Championship game by the team at Newsome defeated the Denver Broncos with 23:20.

The Browns were also successful in the coming year. Newsome arrive here in the AFC Divisional Play -Off game against the Indianapolis Colts four catches pass to a room gain of 65 yards. After the 38:21 victory over the Colts, the Browns failed but in the AFC Championship Game again to the Broncos. Newsome had it with three pass catches the scarce 38:33 defeat his team can not prevent.

Also in the game round in 1989 was the team from Cleveland in the final game the Denver Broncos do not beat. The Browns had previously still in the AFC Divisional Play -off Game just with 34:30 to by laws against the Buffalo Bills, where Newsome could catch four passes again, but had to be in the final game the Broncos struck with 37:21 to give. Newsome never succeeded as a professional player a title win with his team. After the 1990 season, he finished his career.

Football official

Ozzie Newsome moved to his playing career in the administration of the Browns. He was there first worked as a scout before he was appointed Director of the Personnel Department. The Browns established in 1995 preliminarily their game operation, or their organization moved to Baltimore and became the independent Baltimore Ravens. Newsome was first Vice President of the Ravens and also was responsible for managing. He succeeded in undertaking many well-known players such as Ray Lewis, Rod Woodson, Shannon Sharpe and Trent Dilfer. Along with coach Brian Billick, he is regarded as the " architect " of the Baltimore Ravens, who could defeat in 2000 at Super Bowl XXX, the New York Giants with 30:7. Newsome is currently the general manager of the Ravens. He is the first black manager in the NFL. During his tenure, the Ravens were a total of eight times to move into the play-offs.


Ozzie Newsome played three times in the Pro Bowl, was elected seven times All-Pro and is a member of the NFL 1980s All- Decade Team in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the College Football Hall of Fame and the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. The Cleveland Browns honor him in Cleveland Browns Stadium on the Ring of Honor