P2 (storage media)

P2 is a standard developed by Panasonic type of memory cards for recording with video cameras for tapeless recording. The P2 memory card equals the dimensions of a PCMCIA card, are connected together like a RAID system in the four SD cards. This is a higher write speed than individual flash memory allows. P2 cards can be inserted for data transmission in PCMCIA slots of laptops and used as a drive.

Comparison with tape recorder

The main difference compared to conventional professional video cameras is that not a band but a memory card is used as the recording medium. This has advantages and disadvantages:


  • Instantly view and / or delete any scene on the map
  • No timecode jumps in Neuansetzen
  • Quickly transfer the data to non-linear editing systems (PC and Mac)
  • No moving parts to accommodate necessary, that is, almost wear-free and insensitive to vibrations
  • The cameras basically have to guarantee more slots for P2 cards without interruption of recording; full cards can be exchanged for empty during recording.
  • Whereas on the P2 card u.U. be cut directly depending on the used recording codec and hardware of the system interface, which makes an additional data transfer superfluous in the editing system.
  • Each recording is stored on the card already as a single clip. Later segmenting an average system is no longer necessary.


  • Much higher price compared to tape material.
  • Relatively small amounts of memory (Card with 4 to 64 GB are available); depending on the recording format 1 GB equals about 1-4 minutes ( DVCPRO HD, AVC Intra -100: 1GB = approximately 1 minute)
  • For longer recordings with small memory cards, the data must be transferred again and again to other storage media ( eg hard disk ); also for long-term archiving is because of the high price of memory cards other media needed.

P2 Overview

Panasonic offers numerous cameras for recording on P2 cards. Furthermore, are also card reader for USB, FireWire, PCI Express and a hard drive for direct taking data.

The following video formats are supported:

  • AVC Intra -100 | 100 Mbps
  • AVC Intra 50 | 50 Mbps
  • DVCPRO HD | 100 Mbps
  • DVCPRO 50 | 50 Mbps
  • DVCPRO 25 | 25 Mbps
  • DV | 25 Mb

By DVCPRO HD an unreachable for HDV quality is possible. The data rate is 100 Mbps DVCPRO significantly higher than 19 Mbps and 25 Mbps at 35 Mbps HDV or XDCAM EX.

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