PA Consulting Group

PA Consulting Group ( PA ) is an international management consultancy, internationally - is represented and about 2500 employees - mainly in Scandinavia, Europe, USA and the Gulf States. PA is one hundred percent employee-owned.


Founded in 1943 in England, is the German headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. Another branch is located in Munich. The company headquarters is located in London. In Germany, PA focuses primarily on the manufacturing industry, the energy sector and the pharmaceutical industry. PA 's Report and Accounts of the year 2012 describes the services as follows: to help clients to develop business and growth strategies to implement effective IT to support the business, to mobilize people for change, to control complex programs and reorganization as well as products and to develop processes in technology and innovation environment.

PA Consulting Group can look back on over 70 years of corporate history, which already began in the 40s of the last century.

Especially on PA is the Technology Centre in Melbourn near Cambridge in England, where the company is developing for its clients not only theoretical concepts, but this brings to production. Example is the development of PA and produced Ora- kitchen towel or even new solutions for inhalation medicine.

Another special feature of PA was the corporate venture program: ideas and intellectual capital from the consulting work are since 2000 here transferred, such as the development of third-generation mobile communications, including UbiNetics, or Meridica a system for drug delivery. Both ventures have been sold in the meantime. In addition, PA has its venture arm, Ipex Capital, spun off in June 2008. However, PA continues to work closely with Ipex Capital for current ventures Ipex portfolio together.

Main offices of PA Consulting Group

PA operates globally with 24 offices. The main offices are located in:

  • Danes Mark - Copenhagen
  • Germany - Frankfurt, Munich
  • India - Bangalore
  • Ireland - Dublin
  • New Zealand - Wellington
  • The Netherlands - Utrecht
  • Norway - Oslo
  • Sweden - Stockholm
  • United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha
  • United States of America - Washington DC, Denver CO, Boston MA, Los Angeles CA, New York NY
  • United Kingdom - London, Cambridge, Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh