Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve

The National Nature Reserve Pacaya Samiria is the largest protected area in Peru.

It was on 4 February 1982, according to established the decree n ° 016-82 AG. This nature reserve is located in the department of Loreto, in the provinces of Loreto, Requena, Ucayali and Alto Amazonas. Its area covers 2.08 million hectares and is the largest of its expansion in the country, the second largest in the Amazon region and the fourth largest in South America. Its central location in the Peruvian Amazon, as well as its large extension, ensure the protection of ecosystems of the tropical rainforest and encourage the study of the flora and fauna.


From Lima to get there by plane to Iquitos. There, short tours, eco - tours and individual tours may be booked. The journey takes place by ship via Nauta and / or Requena.


The vegetation is one of the most diverse in the tropical rain forest. So far, 847 species have been identified and are grouped in 118 families; 22 of which are orchids. The palm trees occupy a large area of ​​the nature reserve. The most representative of this specie is the aguaje ( Mauritia flexuosa ).

Among the timber supplied tree species that are of economic importance, are: Zedrelen ( Cedrela odorata ), China or Chinchonabaum ( cinchona officinalis), caoba ( Maena capimori ), cocoa ( Theobroma cacao), Chuchuhuasa ( Noxythece sp. ) Hormiga caspi ( Durdia eriophila ) Huairuro ( Ormosia amazonica ), Lupuna ( Chorisia insignis ) and Machín sapote ( Quararibea bicolor).


The fauna of the reserve is rich and diverse. The number of mammalian species is 132, with highlight the rodents and monkeys. The 330 registered bird species, of which 23 are migratory birds make, about 17% of the whole country. The reptiles and amphibians are more than 150 species, grouped into 20 families, appreciated. In fishes, 220 species were recorded.

The fauna of the waters is one of the most important resources of the nature reserve. Here stand out: Arapaima ( Arapaima gigas), a very large fish; Arrauschildkröte ( Podocnemis expansa ), the Amazonian manatee ( Trichechus inunguis ), Amazon river dolphin ( Inia geoffrensis ) and Sotalia ( Sotalia fluviatilis). In this nature reserve are four species that are threatened with extinction, protected: Black Face Spider Monkey ( Ateles chamek) resting, White-fronted Spider Monkey ( Ateles beltzebuth ), brown woolly monkey ( Lagothrix lagotricha ) and the Giant Otter ( Pteronura brasiliensis).

Objectives of the protected area

The main objectives of the reserve Pacaya - Samiria are: to protect representative ecosystems and the diverse genetics of lower jungle of the Peruvian Amazon; further attempts to advance the research of flora and fauna, both on land and in the water, we are assured a proper handling of the animals at risk. Furthermore, one wants to support socio-economic development of the population of this region by means of a rational use of the resources of flora and fauna and also promote local tourism.