Pachuca de Soto on the map of Hidalgo

Pachuca de Soto is the capital of the Mexican state of Hidalgo. The city has about 256,000 inhabitants. It is located 2426 m above sea level. Sea level and has an area of ​​195.3 km ².

The mean annual temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. The annual precipitation amounts to 400-800 mm.

Pachuca has a university, the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo, and a historical museum.

The football club CF Pachuca plays in the Mexican league.


Approximately 12,000 BC, green obsidian was also removed and processed in the area. The Aztecs founded the city around 1438 AD as Patlachihuacán. Around 1524 played host to the first Spaniards who in 1530 now re- established the site as a Spanish settlement and awarded him in 1534 the city rights. 1552 silver deposits were discovered. After many years of intensive exploitation of natural resources in and around Pachuca 2005, the last mine was closed.