Pacific Heights (film)

Pacific Heights (Pacific Heights ) is an American thriller directed by John Schlesinger from the year 1990. The main roles were played by Melanie Griffith, Matthew Modine, and Michael Keaton.


The unmarried couple Patty Palmer and Drake Goodman buys a house in the exclusive district of San Francisco Pacific Heights. To pay off the loan, they want to rent two apartments in the house. One of them they rent to the couple Watanabe. In the other hand, Goodman chooses the well-dressed Carter Hayes. With his Porsche he gives the impression of a first graduates tenant. He wants to pay for six months in advance and Goodman shows a wad of cash. Goodman and Palmer forego a detailed review of its tenant.

It turns out that Hayes does not carry out the promised rental payments. Palmer and Goodman contact a lawyer who says the eviction process can take weeks or months. In court, they lose in the first instance, because Goodman had tried to put Hayes under pressure by having parked electricity and heating.

Together with an accomplice Hayes demolished the apartment. Because of the constant Lärmes and vermin, which Hayes releases in the house, announcing the couple Watanabe. The financial hardships of Palmer and Goodman rise more and more. Palmer experienced a miscarriage. As Hayes the couple seeks to apparently express his sympathy, Goodman loses his nerve and beats Hayes out of the house. The Hayes previously alerted police arrested Goodman to the police station. With the condition of the house not to approach farther than 150 meters, he is released and moves in with a friend. When he tried to see in the house to Palmer, Goodman is shot by Hayes. Meanwhile, the eviction action has become effective. When opening the apartment, Palmer notes that this is totally demolished. Even the sanitary objects are expanded up to the connecting pipes. Hayes has all but vanished.

Palmer finds out that Hayes was incapacitated by his family and his property is managed by a foundation. She retaliates after it has Hayes tracking in a hotel. There she notes that Hayes used fake credit cards that were issued in the name of her boyfriend. Palmer calls Goodman, so that it lets the credit card and the account lock. Later she makes on the bill of Hayes numerous issues. Then Hayes is arrested.

Hayes asks his rich lover to make the deposit. He comes and breaks free at Palmer and Goodman. Goodman is beaten. In the ensuing battle Hayes rushes to the foregoing water pipes and dies. The house is offered for sale.


  • Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun - Times 28 September 1990, the film is a horror film for yuppies in which people are not attacked, but their property. He praised the part of the film, in which Patty Palmer exerts its revenge, and he found amusing. Otherwise, the film between realism and shameless manipulation vacillate.
  • Cinematically trimmed in high-voltage thriller that unfortunately breaks down too early under the accumulation of improbable events. Impressive individual performances of direction and camera will still remain in the memory.
  • Everything is a bit thick and applied in its stylized perspectives on the everyday madness decided " bigger than life ", but the convincing game of the three main characters ... a perfect cut ... and the experienced hand of the old master in the director's chair is a good insurance against boredom in this slightly different thriller.