Pacific National

Pacific National is one of the largest railway company in freight transport in Australia. The result is the company from a joint venture between Patrick Corporation and Toll Holdings. Following a restructuring of Toll Holdings today it is 100 % Asciano Limited.


In the course of railway privatization since the 90s of the 20th century their freight division was supported by the Australian National State Railways, which belonged to the Commonwealth of Australia, 2002 Sold. This was organized self-employed since 1992 as National Rail Corporation (NR). Previously it had been in 2001 still fused with the freight operations of the State Rail Authority of New South Wales, the State Railway of New South Wales. Purchaser of the National Rail Corporation was the consortium of Toll Holdings and Patrick Corporation. The new company was named Pacific National.


2006 took over the parent company Toll Holdings, a successful hostile takeover of Patrick Corporation, among others, had the result that Pacific National was now 100% owned by Toll Holdings. Toll Holdings was then restructured into two separate companies, Toll Holdings and Asciano Limited 2007. This Pacific National was a total of Asciano Limited.

Wide and normalspuriger traffic

2004 bought the company Pacific National Freight Australia, conducted by the freight by rail in Victoria and beyond was also a significant part of the rail network in Victoria. Pacific National was also railway infrastructure contractor. The Australian antitrust authorities knew the purchase therefore, subject to conditions to ensure competition and the competitiveness of other providers of rail freight. These included that Pacific National container for the competitors Specialised transport locomotives, wagons and trails must provide the traffic over the Transaustralische railroad.

Of narrow traffic

2004 Pacific National bought the Australian Transport Network, which among other things, the operating railway in Tasmania.

2005 was established as a subsidiary of Pacific National Queensland in order to expand the business also to the kapspurige network of railways in Queensland can. This was taken with container trains between Brisbane and Cairns. Expanded in 2009 Pacific National Queensland their business in Queensland, by also coal transports took over from the mines in the country to the ports on the coast, an area of ​​business that had been located almost exclusively in the hands of Queensland Rail.

Returns with state ownership

In November 2006, agreed Pacific National and the Victorian government to return the railway infrastructure in the state for nearly 134 million A $, since the route network obviously not allowed to operate below cost. A year later, Pacific National announced that largely set the grain transport and other offers.

2005 Pacific National demanded by the governments of Australia and Tasmania, a government grant in the amount of 100 million A $, otherwise, the railway will set in Tasmania. The route network of Tasmania was leased at this time of Pacific National. Then a rescue package worth 120 million A $ has been compiled by the governments, which also included the re-transfer of responsibility for the railway infrastructure on the Tasmanian State among others. Pacific National has since only railway transport operators on this network.


Pacific National operates railways in all Australian states and the Northern Territory. Her collection includes 1,000 locomotives and 10,200 wagons which are located in more than 100 stations. Pacific National provides transport for bulk goods, containers and special services, such as locomotive benefits for long-distance traffic.

Pacific National is organized into five independent companies, which accounting has reasons.